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Our Experience

IIMI has extensive experience with strategy, consultancy and research. We have had a presence in research within innovation management. We have advised and helped customers to develop their innovation capacity with the aim of becoming more competitive. In addition we have experience Global innovation services together with the innovation management we have systems thinking expertise to design and organize learning environments for network effects within learning. We also have a global presence in the technical committee for the new ISO-standard for Innovation Management.


The idea behind (IIMI) International Innovation Management Institute is how to manage and thrive in a world with increased pace of change and digitalization. How do we manage the transition and how do we systematically re-invent and co-evolve to survive in tomorrow’s market.


This challenge is not easily met since there is a fundamentally difference in speed between the pace of change in technology (Law of accelerating return, Ray Kurzweil) and change in organizations. The law of accelerating returns suggests that technology does not just evolve exponentially but it is accelerating beyond that. However the change in organizations follow a pattern of a logarithmic change (Martecs Law) that is the inverse pattern of exponentials. So basically as one is increasing the other is decreasing with time, this means that we have to re-invent organizations in order to survive the digital transformation. At the same time you need to understand your current reality and co-create the vision internally and while doing that try to evolve your perception of what is possible.

Another thing to consider is the lagging, for instance the gap between technologies change and adoption of the user base. For initial survival the speed you need to correlate to is the market leader and not necessarily technology. However this makes you vulnerable to disruption and eventually, as we are all in industries that are exposed to technology everyone will have to deal with the disruption of the industry they are active within.

Team Academy philosophy 

IMII has chosen a self-organization team management and learning program in conjunction to manage innovation. Team Academy started 25 years ago in Finland and have grown to 12 countries and increasing every year, it’s pedagogical philosophy to accelerate learning.  It’s all about self organization, team coaching and learning, teampreneurship and “learning by doing in context”. This is why IIMI uses Team Academy’s pedagogical philosophy along with seamless learning to accelerate our learnings and data at the leading edge. We also believe in having a presence in an evolutionary network to be involved in managing innovation at the leading edge. This is why we have partnered with these networks to deliver the best possible environment to learn within.

Hirarchy vs network organizations

Agile management in a hierarchical organization does still not fully tap the potential of speed since it needs to have access to current data from an ever changing tools and environments. That is why there is still a gap between agile organizations and technological change and therefore it is needed to house within a network of external innovation environments with a network of teams. Together with innovation management, which is about systemizing the ability  survive and thrive in the continued and disruptive environment we live in. This also needs to be done in an environment where knowledge about what is possible with the new technology houses. Doing so you are able to create entrepreneurial spin offs teams based on new technology, new management and organization systems and bridge over the speed of change between the organization and technology.

Creative Destruction

Innovation Management is a way to systemically withstand creative destruction that 88% of the fortune 500, where exposed too, from 1955 to 2014 encountered. We can only expect as pace of change increases creative destruction will occur at a much faster pace. Creative destruction is about how well/bad companies can evolve to a new paradigm shift due to increased possibilities with new technology. 

The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 index of leading US companies has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years 2012, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale University. 

Our Vision

To accelerate learning at the leading edge!


To learn by doing in context in fast paced environments!


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