Want to achieve Accelerating Learning as a Competitive Advantage?

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Do an assessment to understand your current challenges and needs.

Industry Experts

We Design Learning Tours with Global Industry Experts

Alignment & Strategy

Aligning individual, team and organization with strategy and objectives

Transformation & Success

Develop a Transformation Plan with learning implementation structure

Learning by doing in context!

A learning tour is a delivery of a prototype deliverable while focusing on learning to learn to accelerate your learning. In the case of Innovation Management it is the delivery of an assessment, effective strategy and transformation plan as well as developing your learning tool i.e. YOU!

Seamless learning experience

Seamless learning bridges private, work and formal learning spaces where learning happens through both individual and collective efforts, and across time and different contexts (such as in-education vs after-education, formal vs informal learning, physical world vs. virtual reality or internet)

Knowledge sharing

Learning in your context is not just enabling learning for you but for your organization and your team. In order to know what type of knowledge sharing your organizations want we set the knowledge sharing objectives as part of the learning. Sharing the discovery content and reflection papers allows for your team and organization to take part of your learning.

Deep Learning

To exchange perspectives, we zoom-in-zoom-out and triangulate, all just to take your learning process to another level and improve your prototype deliverable. Experience learning needs to be complemented by deep reflection in order to make the most out of it and create an action plan for the next discovery phase. You will be working through four Deep Learning sessions and four discovery phases.

Team Learning

Team learning requires correct coaching to accelerate the learning process; our aim is for you to learn to team coach in order to accelerate your learning. Learning through others is the way you need to learn in order to access Deep Learning. As such Deep Learning, Team Learning and Team Coaching is very much integrated. Hierarchy does not tap potential in humans.

Alignment of individual, team & organization

In order to maximize delivery value we need to integrate the objectives of the organization on which we create the Innovation Management assessment for. These objectives together with your objectives and the team that you will work with in sessions, becomes a process to learn how to integrate objectives to maximize value for those involved.