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Innovation Management -
Why it is important?

Organizations that are operating "post chasm" i.e. in a mature market/mass market are constantly facing the threat of disruption.

The threat comes from the "pre chasm" (usually start ups) companies that are fast, nimble and up to speed in what is possible with the new technology that is constantly evolving in an accelerating pace. At the same time they need to educate their customers and can't use traditional (post chasm) sales thinking and people.

The competition from disruption is about how fast the "pre chasm" companies can accumulate a distribution to the mass markets and how fast the matured incumbents can get the innovation to market. For the incumbents to systematically do so successfully they need an innovation management system, and an Innovation Manager, that uses the access to their customers to co-evolve with the them and to launch spin offs of new products and services.

Enable team learning and network intelligence!


Align individual, team and organization objectives and access the right network to amplify the objectives fulfillment.

Accelerate learning!

Accelerated learning is a competitive advantage that will separate the winners and losers in an environment where change is accelerating!


Learning in context and produce a prototype of what ever your learning and enables knowledge sharing at the same time.

As an Innovation Manager your are managing your organizations ability to stay competitive in the era of Digital Transformation!

  • 1

    Doing an assessment

    What is your current state?
    Do an innovation management assessment in order to understand your needs, where to start and what to do.

  • 2

    Developing an effective strategy

    Strategic management is about understanding what can be done, challenges and opportunities and make appropriate decisions to select an effective strategy.

  • 3


    The digitalization era demands every organization to develop a transformation plan for the organization to survive in the next decade.

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